Top 5 Buffy Romances

Top 5 Buffy Romances

Posted January 15, 2014 by Momentum Moonlight

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All my friends who are cool have been talking about this Buzzfeed article which ranks 117 characters from the Buffyverse from worst to best. I do disagree with some of the choices – for example, I think Rack, Willow’s magic-dealer was pretty cool. But it’s still a grand article. so I thought I’d list my top five favourite romances in the Buffyverse.

5. Xander and Anya


This relationship is really sweet, and kind of deconstructs the building blocks of love. When Anya is only recently an ex-demon, her love is a kind of selfishness, an extension of her ‘wanting’ something. But as she learns how to be human, the relationship becomes more complicated. Xander is mostly just a jerk, especially by the time of the wedding episode. Stupid Xander, they could have been so happy. And his dancing SUCKED in the musical.

4. Buffy and Spike


God I loved this episode. Season four had some amazing diamonds in its pool of general shit.

It’s so easy to hate on the protagonist of a show, they are unfortunately a vessel for all the worst plots and traits and ill-conceived arcs. But I honestly believe the gestation of the Buffy/Spike relationship is not only the BEST Buffy relationship, but one of the more interesting within the show. The fourth most interesting, to be precise. Although I find the whole ‘kinky sex equated with self loathing’ thing to be a bit strange, but I’ll give them a pass because I can think of worst ways to have difficulty coming to terms with being ejected from heaven than having sex with Spike.

3. Cordelia and the Groosalugg


While I pretty much hated everything about Pylea (or Paella as I always spelt it in my head) I felt like it was nice for Cordelia to have sex with a muscly guy. ┬áThe Groosalugg is nice, and all the ‘com-shuck with the Groosalugg’ jokes were excellent. Cordelia could have been SO GREAT. Her arc throughout Buffy to the first… two series of Angel was actually decent. And then it was the worst thing ever. Poor Cordelia. Anyway, it was nice for her to have sex when she was still a legitimate character.

2. Wesley and Lilah Morgan


It could be the fact that both of these characters are on the top of my ‘would bone’ list in Angel, or it could be the fact that their relationship is primarily erotic, I don’t know. But it definitely coincides with Wesley’s ‘dark side’ transformation, which to be honest, is practically the only thing that Angel, the television show, has ever gotten right. It’s believable, it’s got designer stubble, a stolen baby, fancy neck scar. Fantastic. And Lilah’s death was great. Well done.

1. Willow and Tara


Isn’t it just the most obvious choice for number one? But I just genuinely like both these characters, I wanted them to be happy. Their ‘Under Your Spell’ song together in the musical was a bit naff, even with the only slightly veiled references to cunnilingus, but then it managed to segue directly into the beginning of Willow’s magic addiction plot, which I really enjoyed. And then Tara gets shot. And then there’s flaying, which I also enjoyed, because I think we all really wanted to flay Warren. Maybe one day I’ll do a ‘worst relationships’ post, and you can bet that the winner is Willow and Kennedy.


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