Moonlight Mascot: Lee Pace

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Our Moonlight Mascot for this week is Lee Pace, who plays Orlando Bloom’s hot elven dad, Thranduil, in The Hobbit movies. He’s also beloved for his role as Ned, the pie-maker with the ability to raise the dead in the cult TV show Pushing Daisies. He’s also like an adorable smile with legs. Here’s some facts about why Lee Pace deserves, nay, is destined to be our Moonlight Mascot.

1. His full name is Lee ‘Grinner’ Pace, which is suitable, because smiles.



2. Said he doesn’t like the Hollywood life and prefers staying in with his dog rather than attending award show after-parties and social functions. Which is perfect.



3. His favourite pie is apple.



4. As a prank on his Pushing Daisies co-star Anna Friel, he put a bull’s testicle in her trailer. Yeah…



5. In order to research his role as Thranduil, he said he ‘did a lot of walking in the woods and thinking about the woods. I’m a pretty gentle person.’



6. He also said the thing he would take away from his role as Thranduil is ‘sword skills’ so that’s abnormally awesome.


7. Here he is with a moustache.



8. Have you even seen Pushing Daisies? It’s like a gorgeous daydream.


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  • Marie-Evelyne LACOLOMBERIE

    Extraordinaire dans son rôle de roi des Elfes.