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  • The Bold and the Beautiful weekly recap – week ending 19 September 2014

    Posted September 23, 2014 by

    “Each afternoon there’s nothing else suitable / But tea and bikkies and The Bold and the Beautiful,” sang The Drugs. The Australian flavour of this song was also eminently suitable this week, because we have new blood! Australian blood! That’s right, Ashleigh “Kate from Neighbours” Brewer has joined the Bold cast as Ivy Forrester, daughter of Eric’s brother John (and, presumably, an Australian mother, because John’s other daughter Jessica, who was in the show in the 1990s, was definitely American). …

  • Cover Reveal: The Boyfriend Sessions by Belinda Williams

    Posted September 17, 2014 by

      Please take your seats. The journey to happiness may involve some turbulence. Christa Morrison has commitment issues, a fact that quickly became apparent after fleeing a romantic proposal in Paris, the thunder of impending wedding bells ringing in her ears. Back in Sydney, she turns to her closest friends for reassurance. Instead they offer her a startling and painful diagnosis: she’s a relationship junkie. The cure? An extreme rehabilitation program guaranteed to reform even the most L-word illiterate. With …

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Leading Man of the Month

Leading Man – Tom Calvert from Hollywood Dreams

Mae Archer tells us why Tom from Hollywood Dreams is this month’s leading man! Writing Hollywood Dreams was like having two male characters in one. There is Tom Calvert who has a dream to become a serious actor so he can shake off the tag of a soap actor and model. To do this he flirts with method acting and meets the love of his life while pretending to be his greatest part. And then there is the character that …

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Leading Man: Nick from A Dream of Something More

Jane Carter joins us to talk about the leading man in A Dream of Something More. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received since I began writing was ‘get the worst possible thing you can do to your heroine and throw it at her.’ For Robbie it was Nick. Without a doubt. What are you going to do with him? I said to her. Go on, try to keep to your rule book now. Your plans for the …

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